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:bulletpink: "What? I'm not cold, I just don't know you well."
Angel may come off as rude, cold, even a bitch to those she doesn't know. She will swear when annoyed or pissed off, if she doesn't know you. If you and her are old friends or good friends, she will be kind around you, to a degree. She still thinks men are scary/useless though.

:bulletpurple: "I don't want to be scared of men..."
Angel wants to get over her fear of men, yes, but it can be hard. She lost all trust in them, especially since a good friend of hers left. Of course, she trusts him, but it made her lose quite a bit of faith in them.

:bulletpink: "I'm not childish! I just like children's books..."
Angel loves to read children's books. Her mother was a writer, specializing in the genre of books she loves so much. She has gained quite a bit of ridicule from others her age, so she keeps it a secret.

Theme Song

Music Box by Hatsune Miku
(( Yes, I know I changed Angel, but it still fits because my friend decided to say 'Oh hey wouldn't it be cute if Angel and My OC (not saying the name here, but you know who you are) were childhood friends?' and then she started explaining it and- IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, WOMAN. ))

English lyrics

Goodbye without, being able to say it. I want to see you at least one more time

Hey do you remember that time
Under that tree on that hill
We had placed, a small wooden box
Filled with that summers precious memories

Since from that day, how much has the time
flown quickly by me
I wanted to tell you my true feelings
But I still keep it locked inside

Forever, and ever I still waited
On that hill we had played that summer
As I began to watch the lights
Start to fade away

I remember that night
I start to close my eyes
Please don't leave me all alone, by myself
Faintly I heard your familiar voice
I want to see you at least one more time

That day I heard your voice come back to me
Is now enfolded in a white light
And along with the memories of that summer
Have started to drift away

I still remember that day we had held each other's hand
And made the promise to be together forever, however
Goodbye without, being able to say it
It had announced to me the end that summer day

The dream we'd made in our childhood has become a wind
And goes back to the place we made the promise
'I love you' The words to which you had left
Are still in my heart to this day




WitchofWater's Profile Picture
"My name is Angel.. Nice to meet you, I guess"
United States

Name:: Angel Johnson
Age:: 15
Birthday:: December 29
Height:: 5'3
Weight:: 125
Glasses?:: No
Freckles?:: No
Braces?:: No
Birthmark:: Two wing like shapes on her shoulders, her name as the result.

anime girl brown hair photo: anime girl hair brown anime-7.jpg

Angel is a 15-year old, brunette female. Her mother died when Angel was 11. Angel's mother was murdered because she didn't give a man what he wanted. The man also tried to kill Angel, but she fled. The man did kick her pretty hard, kicking her ankle to make sure she didn't run, and Angel walks with a slight limp now. Prior to her mother dying, Angel and her family lived a happy life in a small town in Florida.

Angel has brown hair with blue-green eyes that are mostly blue. She ties her hair into two pigtails most of the time. She almost always wears a purple hoodie or shirt, a pink skirt, and purple shoes. She also wears a pink bracelet, to 'balance out the colors'. Angel has a few severe fears. Her most prominent one is Androphobia, the fear of men. Another she has is Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. And the other severe fear she has, is Pyrophobia, the fear of fire. Angel has two family members; her older brother Andrew, and her father. Angel only trusts those two, and her one friend Cole. Angel used to have a child-hood friend that she knew she would be able to trust, but she doesn't know where he is anymore.

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RP Journal (WIP)
Main Account:: :iconthefrylover:
OOC Journal::… ))


Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 10:07 PM


"I guess you're okay.. You aren't like the other guys..... I really like you..... I... I love you"


"Well, I mean I guess you're a good friend... You give me this really weird feeling too.... We should hang out more..."
(( There can be up to 2 people here~ ))

◦Family/Like Family◦

"Well... You're pretty nice. Thanks for being there."

♦Close Friends♦

"Thank you for being so kind to me....."


Blaze has been Angel's friend since they were children. However, he disappeared with his brother a little while ago. Now he's back, and the first thing he did was apologize to her. Angel missed him, and is truly happy he is back.
"Blazie... I'm so glad your back...."


"You're really nice to me.... Thanks"

•Neutral/Just met•

"Should I trust you or not....?"


"I really hate you.. Now get away from me!"


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